Rally Week Trivia Contests

There are four Trivia Contests at the bottom of this page. You may enter each one ONCE.

(Also, remember to enter the Coloring/Writing Contest due Wednesday, winners announced Friday.)

Trivia Contest Rules:

  • Answers may be submitted ONLINE ONLY using our Online Entry Forms (below).
  • One response per contest per student. If you submit answers for the same contest more than once, we will only keep your last entry (we will assume you wanted to change your answers).
  • We will choose 7 prize winners at RANDOM from all the CORRECT responses for that day: one winner per grade and one Grand Prize winner.
    • One daily overall winner will win!
    • Six daily winners (one per grade level) will each win a special surprise.
  • Winners will be announced at school.

To answer the questions correctly, you will probably need:

  1. Some help from a parent.
  2. To look around this website for the answers. If you are stumped, try the "Search this site" box at the upper right.

Good luck!

Monday Trivia Contest # 1


    Grade level Winners:

    Kindergarten: Sophia Hoffman

    First Grade:  Adam Frederick

    Second Grade: David Shin

    Third Grade: Mary Jennen

    Fourth Grade: Annika Augustson

    Fifth Grade:  Zoe Epple:

    Deadline is 9:00 PM Monday. Winners announced Tuesday.  Answers will be posted here when the contest is done.

    Trivia Contest # 2

      Grade level Winners:

      Kindergarten: Sasha Kansara

      First Grade:  Marit Augustson

      Second Grade: Breanna Doran

      Third Grade: Nick Raming

      Fourth Grade:  Lily-Marie Antoine

      Fifth Grade:  Henry Scott

      Deadline is 9:00 PM Tuesday. Winners announced Wednesday.  Answers will be posted here when the contest is done.

      Trivia Contest # 3

      Grade level Winners:

        1. Kindergarten: Cloe McCleod

          First Grade:  Evie Ungerman

          Second Grade: Kaden Sparano

          Third Grade: Anna Ponson

          Fourth Grade:  Lindsay Ballinger

          Fifth Grade:  Eric Seng

      Deadline is 9:00 PM Wednesday. Winners announced Thursday. 

      Coloring Contest

       Winners announced Friday.