Rally Week 2014

Rally Week Feb. 3-7, 2014                        

For many families, hosting is the highlight of their children’s years in French Immersion and the beginning of a lasting and valuable friendship.

The sharing between an intern and host family has an enduring impact, opening doors in a way few Americans experience

February is the time we celebrate our wonderful French Interns and commit to supporting our interns for the following school year. Our primary goal is to recruit 55 host families for 2014-15, but there are many other opportunities for families to get involved.

The interns are a critical part of our Edina French Immersion program. Their enthusiasm for teaching our children and lovely French accents are just the start of what these young adults have to offer. Their presence in our classrooms and community increases opportunities for cultural exchange, French conversations, small-group experiences, and 1-on-1 instruction. French Interns deepen immersion.

55 host families? Is that right? Yes! We would love to invite 24 interns to Edina next year (the same number as this year). This would require 55 families to sign up as being willing to host an intern in their home. We will only invite the number of interns our community can support. Hosting signup deadline is March 1, 2014.

What are the requirements to host? A private bedroom for the intern having a door, window, traditional bed, space for storage, and a small desk or table. If in the basement, an egress window is required. A land line (non cell phone) and high speed Internet connection are also required.

Can we request a certain type of intern (male/female, quiet/outgoing, elementary/middle school, religious/non-religious)? All host families will complete a private, detailed survey to indicate their preferences, family personality, values, and interests. The incoming interns complete a similar survey. The matching team works hard to make great matches!

We can’t host next year. Are there other ways to get involved? Yes! We also need 24 partner families, many neighborhood network drivers, and a handful of Intern Committee volunteers!

Learn more (and sign up) at www.EdinaInterns.org

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