Intern Transportation

  • Interns may walk, bike, or ride the school bus to and from school.
    • Bikes are great to use all over
    • Public Transportation is accessed from the East side of Edina quite easily.
    • Access to many parts of the Twin Cities, is a simple trip to our local mall where an intern can catch a bus.
  • Access to public transportation from some parts of Edina may be challenging. It is not unusual for the intern to depend on others for transportation. The following suggestions may help the intern when seeking transportation assistance:
    • Ask for rides in as far as advance as possible
    • Be wiling to carpool with other interns
    • Be flexible when asking for a ride
    • Don’t always ask the same family for rides
    • If the intern cannot safely walk, bike, or use public transportation the intern should use the following steps in the order listed:
  1. The intern should submit a Ride Request to the Neighborhood Network. Please use the Ride Request link found on the Intern Home Page.
  2. The intern should ask their partner family if they are available to help with transportation.
  3. The intern may then ask their host family for a ride.
  4. If after completing steps 1-3 the intern is still unable to find a ride, the intern may contact a committee member for transportation assistance.
Intern spot:  
*Best and most successful for preplanned rides (Mall of America on Saturday, Airport on Sunday, Movies on Friday) not last minute rides
*Be flexible with times- may need to be dropped off earlier
*Carpool and be organized
Carpool cheat sheet:
* Ask for a ride as far in advance as possible
*Send a mass email to zip zone with date, time, destination and # of interns
*Once ride is obtained, confirm with the driver
*If you are unable to get a ride through the network, ask partner families.