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    About French Immersion in Edina


    • The Edina Public Schools French Immersion option was started at the kindergarten level at Normandale Elementary School during the 1991-1992 school year.
    • The French Immersion option now spans Normandale Elementary School (grades K-5), and has an extension option at Valley View Middle School (6-9).
    • The first Edina French Immersion class graduated from high school in 2004 and there are now approximately 900 students enrolled in the the French Immersion option. (grades K-12).
    • With a few exceptions, most of the parents do not speak French.

    French Interns

    • French Interns were added for the mutual benefit of the immersion students and native French-speaking interns. Learning from a native French speaker benefits the immersion students, while the interns have the opportunity to learn skills associated with an immersion education model.
    • The Intern experience provides interns with education and hands on experience that will benefit them in their future careers in the field of education.
    • The French Intern Committee places 18 interns at Normandale Elementary School and 5 interns at Valley View Middle School for a total of 23 interns.

    Normandale Elementary

    • The curriculum at Normandale Elementary is identical to the curriculum taught at the other Edina elementary schools, except that all classes are taught in French.
    • It is believed that teaching content areas in French gives students a natural and meaningful way to learn a language.
    • English language arts are introduced in third grade.
    • There are 5 kindergarten classes; grades 1 through 5 each have four classes.
    • All classroom teachers speak French and most have lived outside the U.S., some are native French speakers.

    Valley View

    • Six teachers offer classes for the Extended French Option at Valley View Middle School (grades 6-9).
    • Classes taught in French include French Language Arts, French Culture, Math, Social Studies and French in the Arts.