Intern Committee Home Page

Bonjour, 2013-14 Intern Committee!  This "Intern Committee Home Page" is a new idea this year to help committee members have easier access to important information. Please contact me if you have other information that belongs on this home page or elsewhere on this website contact Joanna Engstrom
or the Normandale PTO website, contact - Kim Whalen
* If you made purchases related to orientation, the Normandale PTO website has information on Submitting Expenses for reimbursement.

* One of our goals this year is to get important documents organized to make it easier for next year's committee.  This will be a good project for the second half of the year. My current plan (subject to feedback from everyone else!) is to use the subpages shown below to:
  1) store final versions of critical documents and emails that we can copy and modify for the next year
  2) store schedules, instructions, and tips for future committee members.