Fourth Grade Interns

Hayet B.

Normandale, 4th Grade


Hometown:  I was born and lived in Strasbourg, in East of France.


Hobbies:  -Guitar, theater, exhibitions, writing short stories -Philharmonic orchestra -Follow-up of the current events -Swimming
I have always wanted to try old roller (patins à roulettes), big baseball match, visit White House, Broadway, visit an Indian reserv, sleep one night on a igloo, see an aurora borealis, big concert : Celine, Rihanna.

Favorite Subject:  Literature and language.


Family:  It looks like a soccer crew : father, mother, 6 sisters and 2 brothers. And I'll be aunt in 2014 February. My little sister Sarah is pregnant and make me enjoy.


What would you like to see/do while visiting the U.S.?  New Orleans, Minnesota, New-York! White House!  I would like discover San Francisco and share some Classic orchestra may be nice.


What are you excited about this year?  Trying to feel american life!


Have you been to the U.S. before?  No. This is the first time for me. My first souvenir of USA is The Maddens with my host family.


What style of movie do you like best?  I'm a cinema enthusiast and like all this style. I like old theaters and have discovered Edina downtown old cinema yet. I have to discovers others.


What’s your favorite food?  Chicken and olives : Mediterranean food. Spicy food. I would like to discover more fis food.   I like white wine.


Do you have any allergies?  No bacon.
Samantha F.

Normandale, 4th Grade


Hometown:  I live in Lyon for my studies, but I grew up in a small village in 30 minutes of Lyon, Jujurieux.

 Hobbies:  I love photography and travels, to discover most possible things here (culture, sports, other cities...) !! I would like to use my passion for a project at school. I like dancing and Zumba!

 Favorite Subject:  French and Social studies

 Family:  I have a young sister, Sarah and a young brother, Leo. Has you have maybe noticed, my last name is not really french! It's Spanish, my Dad was born in Spain and my mother was born in Portugal.
And I have a cat.

 What would you like to see/do while visiting the U.S.?  I would like to visit New Orleans, Texas, San Diego and San Francisco and I would like to see a hockey game, a baseball game and a basketball game!

 Have you been to the U.S. before?  I have never been to the United States before but I have been in South Africa, Portugal and Ireland, in vacation.

 What style of movie do you like best?  I like comedy and drama (and cartoon!).

 What’s your favorite food?  I don't have a favorite type of food but I like very much lasagna!! I like Mexican food, chines food, etc. .