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If you are not a host family and want to learn more about hosting, please visit our About Hosting page.

Thank you for hosting! Both Fall Hosts (Sep-Jan) and Spring Hosts (Jan-Jun) are now listed in the "Who's Who" section of the left sidebar.

Intern Handbook (2012-13)

Hosting Expectations

Hosting FAQ

Separate toolbox document to print or edit/print: Host Family Toolbox Section (Google Docs) - you'll have to pick "File, Make a Copy" if you want your own copy or you can just print it and fill it out with a pen.  Another option if you want to fill it out electronically is to download the Word document at the bottom of this page by clicking the blue down arrow on the far right.

Kimberly Whalen,
Feb 1, 2013, 9:54 AM