Edina Interns 101: Neighborhood Zones

A Neighborhood Zone is:

  • A network of French Immersion families and Interns who live in the same zip code.
  • Intended to take some burden off the host and partner families and help more families be exposed to and get to know the Interns.

How many families do we need?

Every year we ideally like 75-100 families (15-20 per zone), so approx 20% to 25% of the approximately 400 families at Normandale.

What it requires of you:

  • A willingness to receive and read e-mails from the Interns when they are seeking some help.
  • Providing occasional rides.
  • Lending items or expertise (if you have them)

What you need to do to get involved:

Contact Christine Columbus or Alex Christianson or sign up at our Neighborhood Network Home Page.

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