Edina Interns 101: Background


  • Normandale has been in existence as an immersion school since 1981.
  • The Intern Program began during the 1991-1992 school year.
  • The goal at the time was to provide the kindergarten immersion students and staff members with an additional native French speaker in the classroom.
  • Over the years, the program has grown to include all grades at Normandale and an extension program at Valley View Middle School (grades 6-9).
  • The first Edina French Immersion class graduated from Edina High School in 2004.
  • There are now approximately 900 students enrolled in the program (K-12).


  • The curriculum at Normandale is identical to the curriculum taught at the other Edina Elementary schools, except that all core content area classes are taught in French.
  • English is introduced in third grade.
  • At Valley View, classes such as French language arts, French culture, math, social studies and French in the arts are offered in an immersion classroom setting.

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