5th Grade Interns

Marie Mettauer

Normandale, 5th Grade

Hometown:  I come from a tiny village called Muhlbach sur Munster in the Vosges mountains, in Alsace. Alsace is situated at the north east of France, near the German and Swiss borders.


Hobbies:  I really enjoy reading (I read at least one book a week), I also used to do some horse riding but an injury a few years ago stopped me from continuing... I have been skiing since I was two year old. I enjoy painting and theater and love going to see a movie as well as trying different kinds of foods (as long as there is no vegetables...).


Favorite Subject:  History


Family:  I am the oldest of three and I am 28.   My mum's name is Martine, she is 52 and is a senior executive in a firm that have been the family since 1870. My sister Sara is 26 and she is an attorney specialized in business law. She spent a semester at Tulane Law School in New Orleans three years ago. My youngest sister is named Jeanne (french for Jane), she is 21 and is currently in her 4th year of Med School at the Université de Strasbourg.   I have an 11 years old english cocker spaniel called Thalie. Thalie is the sweetest dog I have ever met. We also have two siblings cats. They are 1. Figaro is mine and he is a real cuddle bug. His sister Pimprenelle is Jeanne's and she is a princess.


What would you like to see/do while visiting the U.S.?  While I am in the US, I would like to be able to visit New York and see a musical in Broadway. I would also like to see New Orleans, San Francisco, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Mount Rushmore, Washington, Boston and Philadelphia are also places I would like to see. If I can, going to Florida and visit the Universal Studios, Disney World and Sea World would be very fun things to do.  If I can, I really would like to see professional football, basket-ball, hockey and base-ball games for the cultural experience.


What are you excited about this year?  I am really excited about experiencing the american way of life and discovering different ways to teach and act in the classroom.


Have you been to the U.S. before?  I have in the US twelve years ago visiting some family friends down in North Carolina for a couple of weeks.


What style of movie do you like best?  I love comedies and action movies. Kids moving and disneys are always fun to watch and I enjoy it. My favorites movies are "The guardian", "Indiana Jones" and super-heros movies.


What’s your favorite food?  My favorites foods are indian, chinese, and alsatian. I basically enjoy everything that is spicy and does not have vegetables (except beans, lens and broccoli but I love fruits). I also always enjoy a good burger and fish. Chocolate is, of course, my weakness...


Do you have any allergies?  I do not have any allergies that I know of. As I said earlier, I do not eat much vegetables but I can always find some things I enjoy.

Normandale, 5th Grade

Hometown:  The city where I grew up is Roanne, a small city in the center of France, between Lyon and Saint-Etienne. Since I've started my studies I moved a lot but now I'm studying at the university of Montpellier, in the South.


Hobbies:  I really enjoy climbing and many different outdoor sports and here I would like to try hockey.


Family:  I have one big brother who is 31 and 4 half-brothers younger than me.


What would you like to see/do while visiting the U.S.?  There is so many places to visit... But in priority I would like to visit Yellowstone, New York, the Niagara falls, the Grand Canyon, Chicago... And I would like to experience a match of every famous american sport!


What are you excited about this year?  I'm excited about everything! Life is so different than in France that I try to enjoy every moments. But if I have to be excited about one thing it should be travelling and meeting people.


Have you been to the U.S. before?  No, I've never been to the US before, but I always wanted to because I have some family here.


What style of movie do you like best?  I like the best movies that make you think and with a true image quality like inception or the Almodovar movies for example.


Do you have any allergies?  No I don't. But I should say that I don't like salad AND ... cheese... But I do like bread and wine!